Franklin Township – Warren

An Interactive Natural Resource Inventory for Franklin Township

Interactive Natural Resource

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Table of Contents:

Regulatory Landscape
1. Region, Location and Basemap
2. 2002 False Color Infrared Aerial Photograph
3. Elevation/Hillshade
4. Steep Slopes/Slope Analysis
5. Bedrock Geology
7. Erodible Soils
8. Prime Agricultural Soils / Soils of Statewide Importance
9. Watersheds and Subwatersheds
10. Surface Waters and New Jersey Water Quality Standards
11. C1 Streams and Buffer Requirements
12. FEMA Flood Hazard Zones
13. Groundwater Recharge Areas
14. Bedrock Aquifers
15. Land Use / Land Cover
16. Highlands Planning and Preservation Areas
17. State Plan Policy
18. Open Space and Preserved Lands
19. Documented Historic Sites
20. Septic Suitability
21. NJDEP Wetland
22. Upland Forests
23. New Jersey Landscape Project and Natural Heritage Program
24. Vernal Pools

Table of Figures:

Figure 1: Regional Basemap
Figure 2: 2002 Aerial Photography
Figure 3: Elevation/Hillshade
Figure 4: Steep Slopes
Figure 5: Bedrock Geology
Figure 6: NRCS Ssurgo Soils
Figure 7: Erodible Soils
Figure 8: State Important Soils

Figure 9: HUC 14 Watersheds

Figure 10: Surface Waters/C1 Streams

Figure 11: FEMA Floodplans

Figure 12: Groundwater Rechange
Figure 13: Bedrock Aquifers
Figure 14: Land Use/Land Cover
Figure 15: Highlands Planning and Preservation Areas
Figure 16: State Plan and Policy
Figure 17: Open Space and Farmland Preservation
Figure 18: Documented Historic Places

Figure 19: Septic Suitability

Figure 20: NJDEP Wetlands
Figure 21: Upland Forests

Figure 22A: Landscape and Natural Heritage Data

Figure 22B: Landscape Project Data
Figure 23: Vernal Pools

Table of Appendices:

Appendix 1: Regional Basemap
Appendix 2: 2002 Aerial Photograph
Appendix 3: Elevation
Appendix 4: Slopes Analysis
Appendix 5: Bedrock Geology
Appendix 6: NRCS Ssugo Soils
Appendix 6: NRCS Soils Series Descriptions
Appendix 7: Erodible Soils
Appendix 8: State Important Soils
Appendix 9: HUC 14 Watersheds
Appendix 10: Surface Water Quality Standards/C1 Waters
Appendix 11: FEMA Flood Hazards Zones
Appendix 12: Groundwater Recharge
Appendix 13: Bedrock Aquifers
Appendix 14: Land Use/Land Cover
Appendix 15: Highlands Areas
Appendix 16: State Plan Policy
Appendix 17: Open Space and Preserved Lands
Appendix 18: Documented Historic Sites
Appendix 19: Septic Suitability
Appendix 20: NJDEP Wetlands
Appendix 21: Upland Forests
Appendix 22: Landscape Habitat and Natural Heritage Data
Appendix 23: Vernal Pools