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Clean Air NJ - NJ Department of Environmental Protection
The Department's new website ( is a readily accessible source of information about the health and environmental effects of ozone. The site also provides simple tips for reducing your exposure and your contribution to ozone formation.

United Way Caregivers Coalition, Pathways for Caregivers. Information, Ideas & Support for those providing care for loved ones. With separate sections for Aging, Disabilities & Mental Health Caregiving. For a copy, please call 888.338.9227 or visit

Big Brothers Big Sisters Youth Mentoring Programs -
Volunteers needed in Warren County!
We have children waiting to be matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister... To be a volunteer you don't need any special skills- just the ability to listen, offer friendship & encouragement to a child. View more info ...

Jersey Central Power & Light
Jersey Central Power & Light, encourages your town to explore our new outage map and consider including a link to it on your municipal website to provide residents with timely information.  The internet address is

NJDEP - Clean Water NJ

Musconetcong Watershed Association

NJDHSS Guide to Proper Handling of Bat Exposures
Since bats are emerging from hibernation, Health Officers are urged to begin preparing to address bat rabies issues. Animal control officers, police and other responders to calls about bats in the home should be trained on the procedures for capturing and submitting bats for laboratory testing. Spring is also an excellent time for public education on excluding bats from homes and how to handle situations where bats are discovered in the home. A copy of the "NJDHSS Guide to Proper Handling of Bat Exposures" document is available at

Licensed NJ Wildlife Rehabilitators
With the return of warmer weather, residents should also be reminded to make sure that their pets are up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations and for both residents and their pets to avoid contact with wild animals. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has information on wildlife and list of licensed rehabilitators that can assist residents that find injured, sick or orphaned wild animals at

Comprehensive Cancer Control
For more information of Comprehensive Cancer Control in New Jersey/Early Detection is the Best Protection!

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